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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three common misperceptions about eggs.

Are brown eggs better than white eggs? What about "Free-range eggs"? Organic?

Myth: Brown eggs are different than white.

Fact: The only difference between a brown and white egg is the color of the shell, which is merely a reflection of the breed of the hen. One isn’t healthier, more "natural," or more eco-friendly than the other. There aren't any differences in nutritional quality, flavor, or cooking characteristics.

Myth: Free-range eggs come from hens that roam freely outdoors.

Fact: The claims are not regulated for eggs, according to Consumer Reports. The "free range" label doesn't mean anything. The following labels are also meaningless when it comes to eggs: "free roaming," "hormone free," and "raised without antibiotics."

Myth: Organic eggs are healthier.

Fact: Uh, nope. They certainly can be, but it all depends on the chicken’s diet.

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